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Kristina Druzhinina


Founder, author and chief stylist of image studio.


My name is Kristina Druzhinina and I have worked as a stylist in the field of ballroom dancing for over 5 years. I am excited to see you here, as you are the creative minds who have motivated and helped me in realizing my passion into a profession.

At the request of my clients and all those who follow and support my work on social media, I am launching this new project. Putting my soul into the creation of each image, I help competitors gain confidence in themselves and plunge into a special state of mind before each and every competition.

The philosophy of my work is ideal quality and respectful care for the client. I managed to gain my expertise in this field through my unique approach and style, which I continue to uphold by consistently developing and learning from leading professionals in the beauty industry.

I have also trained and developed over 500 young stylist professionals through group seminars and individual sessions. My students have successfully performed in the image style industry at Russian and international venues.

Together with me, you can learn the art of creating hairstyles for ballroom dancing, where you will create your own unique styles and make the significant contribution to hard earned victories on the dance floor. I will reveal to you all secrets, nuances and subtleties of craftsmanship, which you could not find anywhere else!

Learn how to create professional hairstyles with me – starting right NOW!

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